Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Use Transvestite Breast Implant Why Do Trannies Have Limp Penises And What Is The Official Name Of This?

Why do Trannies have limp penises and what is the official name of this? - use transvestite breast implant

Yes, why not the flaccid penis transgendered?

and what is the name or transvestites transvestites receiving breast implants, but not take the pill or cause other distortions that the penis as a trans Intergender, etc., etc.?


Koryn said...

Shrink the penis of a man pre-op transsexual woman and the testes and is a "member" because the struggle has been used against the androgens and estrogens.

A transsexual and a transvestite is the same, cross-dressers is a better term.

An offensive term for a transsexual transsexual is a person who surgically altered his body has achieved in the porn industry, or to work as prostitutes.

Please do not use the term "transgender" is an insult to transsexual, a transgender "a car that goes forward and backward.

Woman born transsexual transgender (postoperative)

sharonly... said...

The flange is called atrophy. As noted by others who passed through the medical transition identified where we are hormone replacement therapy for us more than a correction.
Men, shemale with the emergence of certain hormones and testosterone inhibitors are altered in the act. Some see it as a pejorative, but in fact, describe the men who do this for sex and porn industry. Some of them describe themselves as transgender in order to legitimize themselves, somehow. This is why many people think like you, a transsexual is the same as a transvestite or transsexual.

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