Sunday, February 7, 2010

What To Say In A Work Anniversary Speech What Should I Say In My Parents 25th Wedding Anniversary Speech?

What should I say in my parents 25th wedding anniversary speech? - what to say in a work anniversary speech

That's what love is usually a good start. Like their marriage has been a positive example for you. (All these things are true). How can you expect from your next 25 years to be happy. Suffice it to say nice things. He remembered telling a funny and romantic story. Will not be perfect. A careful, will welcome speech was perfect for them. Probably just grateful to all the speeches.


Kim D said...

I was once at a party, where (all the grandchildren who had a 50th birthday) to the letter from his grandfather, reading his grandmother, it was great! Maybe they can get something. Check with your parents, have a good history of their dating. Other than that make sure you speak with your heart, people will know whether it was a (what) and to find his family to open a date or a poem with. You can read from a notecard May and a few calm nerves.

Sammyleg... said...

Ask the brothers say something about the memories for years w his parents and all the photos and posters for the guests ... Ask the person to the photos as well as provide and show you how it looked to them for years ... It's fun to do ....

Andy G said...

Instead of speech, and then create a short film tells slideshow. Takes a little pressure from you (the public see the screen more than you). You can get sentimental and touching, or it can be fun, depending on which image you use.

You can do this with the PowerPoint, Apple Keynote again, or you can get a professional video of photos and movies for $ 300 or less prepared to:

Talk about Bringing Down the House ... had one on his brothers and his regular speech!

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